Firmware Details

This project is taken from LPCOPEN v1.03. The starting demo project taken from lpcopen is nxp_xpresso_11c24_periph_uart. After which it was ported the project microchip ‘RN171 and RN131 PICtail WebServer‘. From the design of microchips improvements have been made in the management of web server software, the main changes are in sys_tasks.c:

  • The sending of the icon favicon.ico. Browsers require this icon automatically after loading an html page. Do not send it determines the possible malfunction of certain browser.
  • The web server closes the connection after 0.5 seconds if the browser does not need any page. This system prevents that the browser manage in their own way the connection with the server.

RN-131C handles only one socket at a time, the web server can properly handle a socket at a time.

Modify Software

For customers who desire to connect the module to a cloud server of their own choosing, instead of of the default, the changes required to the demo http-client application are quite simple. Follow these steps to change the cloud server:

In the LPCXpresso IDE, locate the following lines of code in the wifly_util.h file:

#define NAME_VALUE "" // DNS name of host
Change the value of the NAME_VALUE macro to the new designated cloud server, and re-build the project.
The module, after associating with an access point that is connected to the Internet will, open a socket connection with the new cloud server and begin to make data requests.
For customers who desire to build a more customized web-server and http client application, are encouraged to carefully review the file sys_task.c, and specifically the | function TCPTasks(). The TCPTasks() function is essentially a state machine. It sequences the module through all its phases of operation, from initialization, configuration, association, connection to server to operation as a http client.
The current implementation of the demo does not have a file system, so all the html web pages are pre-loaded in to memory, with the sys_task.c file.

Debug options

  • In options.h there are 2 defines:
Use these only if you want debug the code. These enables the function printf and it is used to display messages on the debug console of the IDE.


Use printf carefully because disables all interrupts temporarily when executed. Also stops the microcontroller execution if you do not use debug.