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The daughterboard Architech Prado of Silica helps to access the WiFly RN-131C module (version 4.00) of Microchip.
It was designed to be connected to the LPC1115 LPCXpresso board.
The project provides a demo developed with the LPCXpresso IDE and through the microcontroller LPC1115 configures the RN-131C module to operate in different modes.

Architech Prado Features:

  • Interfaceable with:

    • LPC1115 LPCXpresso board
    • mBed board
  • 1 UART 3,3V level for debugging purpose

  • 5 status leds

  • Power supply by mini-usb


The WiFly radio module is a complete standalone embedded wireless LAN access device.
The device has on board TCP/IP stack and applications, requiring only 4 pins (POWER, TX, RX, GND) to design in.
Once initial configuration is set, the radio can automatically access the Wi-Fi network and send/receive serial data over UART.

For a quick consultation of the instruments used, please visit the following websites:

and with the demo of the microchip “RN171 and RN131 PICtail WebServer” ver 1.0R:

We suggest you to read the Quick Start Guide to setup your evaluation system

Quick start guide

This guide explains how to use this application and provides an overview of on the structure of the project firmware